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What Makes ProActive Strength Training Standout from other Strength Training Facilities

Our Evaluation: By bridging physical therapy assessments, chiropractic measurements and functional movement screening helps us assess structural and muscular imbalances.  If you are an athlete this is important for optimizing your strength/power while minimizing your risk for injury.  For general clients or active clients, this is key for longevity.  Being able to maximize lean body mass while reducing injuries or overcoming injuries. 

Core Competency: You are not just hiring one trainer you are hiring a team.  We all share the same goal, to see our clients succeed.  Knowledge is what stimulates us to grow and love the industry we are in.  The quicker you get stronger, or lose weight or get out of pain the more gratitude we fill doing what we enjoy most… working in the health industry. 

Accountability: from in-house measurements to gadgets such as myzone, morpheus, oura ring, fitness pal, etc we are able to track and measure your results to keep you accountable.

Gym Layout: this is not an understatement.  We take pride in having the top of line equipment for ergonomic reasons, the ability for precision, safety reasons, comfort and the energy to want to work out.  We took the best from commercial gyms and top collegiate strength rooms and combined in to one sweet training studio.

Results: Understanding the science between reps, sets, tempo and rest is what differentiates one trainer to another.  How you take the data given from the intake form, assessment and periodize the programs so the client/athlete can optimize his results is something you can’t learn online or in a magazine.

No memberships:  There is no pressure for sells and there is no competition amongst trainers.  We are a private strength training facility focused on being the best coaches we can possibly be.  

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