Why PST for Pre/Post Rehab
Reduce your limitations! It’s personalized trainig programs specific to you. For you to overcome the barriers that may be holding you back from doing the activities you enjoy, reaching your highest athletic potential or just plan feeling better and reducing aches & pains.

This is our niche 

How many people have gone through physical therapy only to find themselves back in physical therapy for the same issue.  Majority of surguries are due to wear and tear… at ProActive Strength we diagnose the source of the issue not where the pain resides.  Just because your shoulder hurts doesn’t mean its because you did something to the rotator, just because your knee hurts doesn’t mean that you did something to the knee.  Sure, some issues may show up on the x-ray or MRI at the shoulder and knee, but the source of the issue can be coming from your neck, low back, ankle, etc.

If you were once active but are limited by pain, this is the place for you to get back on track and start living again.  By assessing the imbalances to find the possible root cause of the issue, we are able to activate the inhibited muscles, strengthen the weak muscles and mobilize the joints to build confidence back.  You should not be limited by pain nor should you mask it with meds that only cause more internal issues down the road.

I have worked with incomplete spinal cord injuries, upper cervical issues, neuro muscular conditions, shoulder impingements/injuries, all sorts of knee issues/injuries.  Its one of the main reasons why I switched professions, to help those who didn’t know where to go.  Taking an holistic view along with western medicine has helped speed up recover or helped those with chronic conditions feel alive again.  

Challenge Yourself to Make the Change

Transform who you are…. to… who you want to be

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