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An instance in life can change us.  For me, my father passed away from cancer.  I happen to feel personal training is the best preventative health care.  No other health profession spends as much time to know their client/patient.  The more a personal trainer knows about physical health, nutrition, western and eastern medicine… the more we can have an impact on that person’s life.  That is why I changed from a high tech job to follow my passion in the health industry to make a positive impact for those I have the opportunity to work with.  Now with the internet, everyone is an expert and it is too easy self diagnose.  Our goal is to have a true understanding of the science and mythology of exercises to optimize your physical well being and network with those who are experts in their fields.   In this fast pace world, we want to optimize your time and give you the best advice for those experts that can help whether it’s a chiropractor, orthopedic, medical doctor or naturopath we want to refer you to the best. Reduce your limitations! It’s personalized trainig programs specific to you. For you to overcome the barriers that may be holding you back from doing the activities you enjoy, reaching your highest athletic potential or just plan feeling better and reducing aches & pains.

Whether its the body or the mind that needs to change you owe it to yourself to make the change!
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