The Full Fitness Approach

Our coaching program includes an amazing nutrition plan, fitness program and support system, designed to get you fit and healthy!

Initial Assessment

60 minute assessment which covers Health History, Postural & ROM Exam, Inbody Body Comp Measurements

Execute Training Program

The Results Start Here.  We have the facility and expertise to get the results you want, it’s your dedication and hard work that will make the difference

Test & Measurements

This helps keep you motivated and helps us ensure that our designed program is on track. We believe in short term behavioral goals to pave the way toward reaching your end goal.



Initial Consult


All training sessions begin with an initial consultation comprised of the following assessments.  Each assessment is designed to provide a holistic view of the body’s current ability in order to create a specific program to meet the fitness goals and objectives of the client.

  • Postural Exam, to identify structural imbalances
  • Range of Motion Assessment, to identify muscular imbalances
  • Functional Movement Assessment, to evaluate the fundamental patterns of movement like bending and squatting

The 2nd Step: Execute the Plan

If you would like to dial in your nutritional plan more, we can do the biosig measurements at the beginning of the second session.  Click to read more on the BioSig. Otherwise, the next step is for you to execute by giving 100% effort to your workouts and nutritional plan.  The trainers are there to help keep you on track and focused.  ProActive Strength will continue to provide guidance, and educate you on supplements to achieve your goals.  Our focus is behavioral changes, making changes in the day to day routine that will help improve our lifestyle. Examples include, what you start your day off eating, how long are you going without eating between meals, how to improve your sleep so you are going to bed at a good time and sleeping through the night uninterrupted.





The 3rd Step: Test and Measurement

This is the most important step.  Every 6th week, we re-evaluate your goals and perform test and measurements to see how well you have followed the plan.  Plus, it gives us feedback on what changes we need to make to your exercise program, supplements, and behaviors for your next protocol. What we reassess:

  • Strength lift indicators – depends on the goal, sport
  • Measurements – we recommend the biosig, but if you are uncomfortable with body fat calipers, we can do circumference measurements only
  • Supplement protocol – depends on the goal or the BioSig results
  • Behavior changes that were potentially causing roadblocks
During this week, we will discuss or perform the tests during the 1st half of the session followed by a 30min workout session for the 2nd half of the session.  This is an important week to keep you on track and it gives the body a recovery week, which helps improve performance for the next phase.

Challenge Yourself to Make the Change

Transform who you are.... to... who you want to be


Live ProActive-ly