Why Athletes Train at PST
Derek Jeter… “There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”
Those athletes that raise up to the challenges, learn from their failures, push through adversity and pull out the best in themselves though hard work, dedication and motivation.. are the athletes I love to train.  ProActive Strength isn’t for the athletes whose parents want them to train, it’s for the athletes who want to train.

Requires adhering to proper lift mechanics, executing the proper tempo and rest periods.  Strength is the key to athletic development and we understand the science to optimize an athletes strength potential.


Optimal Power output will be achieved with maximal strength and power training but the best results will come from getting strong prior to training for power.

Sport Specific

This is not about picking up a weighted ball or tying a stick to a cable and mimicking a golf swing or baseball swing.   Its about understanding the strengths and the strength imbalances that need to be addressed so the athlete can improve and reduce risk of injury.

Increased flexibility through the use of static, dynamic, and functional movement

Structure dictates all.  Structural misalignments can cause neuro-muscular compensations, weakness by inhibiting other muscles.  We do a thorough assessment of the postural alignment, muscular range of motion and a lower extremity function analysis


Muscles are designed to work in collaboration with each other to help produce coordinated movements.  We have our primary & stabilizer muscles that will vary given the movement, but if the stabilizers are inactive and the primary movers have to overcompensate, this can lead to injuries and reduce power.


Comprehensive diet planning to support your training program and enhance athletic performance.  We utilize our inbody scale and/or BioSig 12 point caliper to test lean body mass and body fat %.

Maximize Your Athletic Potential

Transform who you are…. to… who you want to be

Live ProActive-ly & Feel Stronger Than Ever