Self Training Program

Self Motivated, Need Professional Guidance with Your Workout Program

Self Training Workout Programs

Self Motivated? But want professional guidance and be accountable for completing your workouts and progression… this is a great option

 1) Start off with the initial consult

2) Each Self Training Package will include (2) – 3 week programs.  Each program will be 3-4 day strength programs depending on your workout schedule.  Plus 2-3 day cardiovascular programs.

3) Every 6 weeks you will come in for an Inbody Measurement, we will re-evaluate your goals and measurements and write up another 6 week phase program. 

Scientific Approach

There is a lot that goes in to our program designs 

  • Rep/Set/Tempo intensity progression 
  • Address Postural imbalances
  • Address Strength deficit ratios
  • Address Injuries or Impingements
  • Include Primal Movements (squat, lunge, bend over, push, pull, twist, gait)
  • Change grip and lever angles
  • Undulate Periodized programs – to avoid neuro exhaustion, connective tissue inflammation, and allow for recovery

Challenge Yourself to Make the Change

Transform who you are…. to… who you want to be


Live ProActive-ly