Sept 1, 2014—This is what the gym looked like the day I made the decision to take over the back space of Elite Training and startup ProActive Strength Training.  Its time to start updating the facility!
   demo before large gym 1     demo before large gym 3
demo before large gym 5  demo before large gym 2


Sept. 7, 2014—Paint Color Decisions! It’s nice to have a multiple eyes to help out.
demo color choice bv demo color 1
 demo paint decision  demo anna color


Sept. 15, 2014—The ceilings are painted white! It is already looking brighter. Time clean the dust balls off of the lights.
 demo bv photo bomb  demo bv ladder
 demo anna what to do 2 demo anna help
demo bv get used the gym  demo bv helper 2


 Taking out the previous bootcamp posts to open up the space more.
 demo post out demo posts down


Sept. 21, 2014—A Big Week.  Widened the opening to the gym wall, painted the primer on all the walls.  Soon it will be bye-bye to the small gym, which will be the offices.
     demo painted white demo painted white 2
 demo small gym 7  demo working small gym
 demo small gym before 3 demo before small gym


 Sept. 24, 2014—Late Night Spray Painting the Sprinkler & Gas Pipes.  Thanks Ray Tech Professional Painting for letting me borrow his Scaffolding. It has been awhile since I almost pulled an all-nighter.
 demo paint spray  demo loading scafolding from Ray Tech Painters
demo scafolding start  demo scaffolding
demo after spraying  demo spraying late


 Sept. 26, 2014—My Son made me a ProActive Coffee Mug for my Birthday
 demo proactive coffee


Sept. 28, 2014—This week my future office window was framed in, the walls were painted.  I was worried, first glance the silver wall looked real white, but once the eyes adjust the color warms up.  I love the orange energy paint, I had some skeptics but it is pulling together nicely :)I got the wall Built and the half wall up too!
 small gym before office window  demo small gym before 4
        demo orange wall demo white ceiling orange post
 demo entry orange wall  demo clean floor 3
demo start of wall demo clean floor 2


Oct. 6, 2014—My flooring shipment arrived!  We are the first to roll out Ecore’s new patented long grass turf and 1 inch mega roll flooring.  Since we are the 1st, we had our 1st hiccup, Ecore forgot to send the under-lament.  Its a 2-step process to install the floors.  They need to glue down the underlamet, wait a day and then glue down the top layer flooring.Due to the mistake, Ecore paid a heafty shipping bill to fly the extra rolls to SFO to get here in a day so the installers could start on the flooring on time.Amazing! Great Service… I can’t thank them enough.
 demo flooring arrived 3  demo 2nd delivery flooring


Oct. 6, 2014—Another Crazy Week.  The flooring got put down, the Logo got painted on the wall and the Atlantis equipment came in as the glue was drying and we started training that afternoon!  Many Thanks to Pacco Garcia for his amazing art work.  For a tattoo artist, he sure can shade with paint too!
 demo painting logo 2  demo painting logo 4
 demo painting logo 1  demo painting logo 3
 demo painting logo 6  demo painting logo 5
demo painting logo 8 demo painting logo 7
   demo flooring glue top layer demo flooring glue top layer 2
demo floor down  demo floor guys
demo flooring inspector  demo flooring 1inch
 demo flooring turf demo bv testing wall


 Oct. 9th, 2014—The Flooring is down, the Atlantis & FreeMotion equipment is in.  We can start training while under construction 🙂
demo training mess 4 demo training mess 3
 demo training mess 2  demo training mess 1
blog 1st client1st Client to Train in the New ProActive Gym blog happy trainer


 Oct. 12, 2014—Time to start framing out my office and the Trainer’s lounge.
 demo framing office 1  demo framing office 2
 demo office sheetrock 1  demo office sheetrock 2
 demo office door demo turf mess small gym


Oct. 19, 2014—Completing the office walls and got my small windows installed.  I like the smoked glass.
 demo office sheetrock 3  demo office small windows
demo barn doorThanks Brian for cutting the bottom door for my barn door slider 🙂 demo office side windows
demo office helperThanks Pops for all your hard work installing the floor, baseboards, touch-up paint… that was a lot of up and down… welcome to the gym!!! demo trainers lounge
demo office window  demo work a bees



The Matrix Equipment has arrived!  It is starting to look more like a full gym!!  The equipment is a dream come true, many years of planning what type of equipment I would need to give my clients the best possible programs.
 demo matrix arrived demo inspector 2
 demo bv enjoy climbing 2 demo bv enjoy climbing 1
 demo bv enjoy climbing 3 demo bv enjoy climbing 4
 demo bv enjoy climbing 5  demo bv enjoy climbing 6


Oct 27, 2014—It is looking like a full gym. Now for all the detailed touch-ups, organizers, etc 🙂
demo taking shape 3  brochure gym 2
   blog matrix breaker bench brochure gym 3
demo diamond plate demo office runner


Nov. 13th 2014—Thanks for all the family help! It is becoming official, my office is getting completed 🙂
 demo rachelle  demo rachelle cole
 demo chaulking  demo ryan 2
 demo cainey demo desk